“ is an independent online directory of Pastoral Cousellors.


Phase 1 (Current website)

Often, individuals seek counseling in order to work on specific struggles that hinder their quality of life; struggles such as depression, eating disorders, the effects of childhood sexual or physical abuse, compulsive behaviors, gender confusion, relational problems, or other personal concerns.

Find a Counsellor in South Africa! is an independent online directory of Pastoral Cousellors. This website offers you a wide variety of counsellors with different approaches, styles and skills. This gives you the best chance of finding the right counsellor with the relevant skills to suit your needs!

Searching for a Counsellor?

Use the left navigation menu to select a counsellor speciality that is most relevant to your needs. Alternatively, please use the SEARCH BOX above for specific keywords and phrases. Read more about each therapist (and view their contact details) on their profile page.


What is in it for me as Counsellor? provides professionals with a unique, innovative and professional online web visibility. It is a specialised Pastoral Counsellor services directory which enables the public to access professionals throughout South Africa. educates the public about your services, experience and specialties, as well as providing interesting and up to date counsellor reviews, recommended readings and articles.

Your profile is personalised to suit your unique needs. You can display your profile in whichever way you like, enhancing your strengths.

Traditionally, counsellors have relied on “word-of-mouth” for a recommendation. These days many people use Internet resources to find counsellors, products and services.

Receiving regular referrals from the web will boost your practice and generate more word-of-mouth referrals. markets your practice through excellent search engine optimisation. You will become more visible on the Internet, and will have links to your website/blog/facebook page, etc.

Your own branded e-mail address!

In addition to the above benefits provides all our listing members with a unique e-mail address that can either be used as a full fledged e-mail address, or can be used to forward messages to your current e-mail address.  This functionality only adds to your branding and professionalism.


Phase 2 – Online Appointments Functionality (Q3 2016)

We will be implementing appointment scheduling functionality that will allow you to receive payments for appointments or just confirmations.  Have a perfectly organised calendar and reduce no-shows with advanced notifications and reminders.

Functionality will include:

Manually Add Bookings

It will be very easy to add a new appointment manually for a client.  Besides adding new appointments in your website admin, you will also be able to add new appointments to your Google Calendar and it will be automatically synced.

Calendar Administration

For better overview of your appointments, you will be able to view and edit your appointments inside a flexible calendar. Manage the calendar in weekly or daily view. The calendar will be syncing with staff as well as Google calendar.

Flexible E-mail Notifications

E-mail templates will be integrated with our notification system and will be able to be edited.

Request Confirmation

Not only will you be able to accept payments/deposits for your appointments, you will also be able to receive appointment requests for medical aid clients. This will allow you to have better control over your schedule.

Phase 3 – Online Video Call Consultations (Q4 2016)

You will be able to offer paid (or free introductory) audio video sessions to your clients and website visitors in a quick and easy way. Your clients will be able to pay you for your services, schedule a call and get the service through SECURE online video chat.

High Quality Audio Video

The video chat system will use the best in terms of live video over the web: H.264 video and Speex audio.

File Sharing
Counsellors and their clients will be able to exchange links, files, images, pdfs, and more through the file sharing and rich text chat features.

Secure Video Calls
The functionality will be compatible with HTTPS website protocol and the video call part can be secured though our Secure VideoChat service.

Responsive Frontend
All HTML frontend pages will be made responsive to fit both a desktop and a mobile screen.

Email Templates
The system will send emails to the client, counsellor and webmaster whenever a service is purchased. All of them can be edited.

Record Videos
Counsellors will have the ability to record all video streams between themselves and their clients. All videos will be stored as .flv files on our media server.

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