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Increase your impact and engage your followers with the SocialMessage Premium Plan.

  • Premium features valid for  
  • Number of campaigns  
  • Campaign approval  
  • Number of supporters  
  • Featured positions
  • Custom campaign background
  • Page updates

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Expedited approval

Every campaign must be approved and yours just moved to the top of the queue. Campaigns of Premium Users will be approved within 12 hours.

Available with:
Premium User

Campaign updates

Contact your supporters to share campaign developments. Post an update to your campaign that will be sent to all supporters who have opted in to receive email updates from you (the organiser).

Available with:
Premium User

Customisable campaign page

White-label your campaign page with a background and banner to reflect your brand’s identity.

Available with:
Premium User

Custom goal

Our default supporter goals are 100, 250, and 500, but why not make it your own? Our custom goal feature allows you to set a number that makes sense for you.

Available with:
Premium User


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